Odoo E-Commerce Consulting

We understand that every e-commerce business is unique. That's why our Odoo E-Commerce Consulting services are tailored to guide businesses in establishing a robust e-commerce strategy and ensuring a seamless customer experience.

Odoo Consulting

  • Scope: Offering insights into maximizing the potential of the Odoo platform, including module recommendations and best practices.
  • Performance Metrics: Improved system efficiency, reduced manual interventions, and increased user adoption rates.
Ecommerce Marketing

Fulfillment Consulting

  • Scope: Advising on efficient order processing, inventory management, and delivery strategies integrated with Odoo.
  • Performance Metrics: Shorter order-to-delivery times, reduction in fulfillment errors, and increased inventory turnover rate.
Ecommerce Marketing

E-Commerce Strategy Development

  • Scope: Comprehensive planning for e-commerce growth, including market analysis, competitor benchmarking, and sales funnel optimization
  • Performance Metrics: Increase in sales conversions, growth in average order value, and improved customer retention rate.
Ecommerce Marketing

Customer Experience Consulting

  • Scope: Enhancing the online shopping experience through user journey mapping, feedback analysis, and UX/UI recommendations.
  • Performance Metrics: Reduction in cart abandonment rate, increased customer satisfaction scores, and growth in repeat purchases.
Ecommerce Marketing